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Thank you for your enquiry into party dining at the Beehive.

The Beehive is the perfect venue for large groups wishing to escape the poor quality and expensive offer seen in many restaurants today.

In order to ensure your experience runs as smoothly as possible we have outlined a few points for your information before you proceed to the booking phase. Simply read the following points and if they are agreeable to you, complete the booking form and return it to us ASAP. Please note we only confirm bookings once the deposit has been paid to ensure fairness to all, therefore provisional bookings are only held for a certain length of time. This will be agreed with you when you call to book.

Because of the nature of the operation at the Beehive all tables of 7 or more constitute a large Party. There are two sittings for Large Parties, an early session and a late session. We are able to seat one party at each of the times detailed below in each session.

For parties of 15 or more some further time and menu restrictions may apply.

Early Session 12.00 12.15 12.30 12.45 1.00 1.15 1.30 1.45

Late Session 2.00 2.15 2.30 2.45 3.00 3.15 (Sunday also 3.30, 3.45 & 4.00)

Early Session 5.30 5.45 6.00 6.15 6.30 6.45 7.00 7.15

Late Session 7.30 7.45 8.00 8.15 8.30 8.45 9.00 9.15 9.30

Table times
As we experience a high demand for tables a strict table time limit of two hours applies to all tables dining in the Early Session.

Arriving late
The table time starts at the time the booking has been made for, not the time the party arrives at the venue. As we only accommodate one large table in each seating time we are unable to ask the later table to delay their meal if the early sitting is late. We may have to restrict the amount of courses available if a table is sufficiently late and therefore jeopardising the following table’s experience. Please be aware of this when booking your table. For any party that decreases in size we may have to delay the party while we make any necessary alterations to the table. For all parties we can only guarantee the table will be held for 15 minutes after the booking time.

Seating plans
Because of the size of the rooms at the Beehive parties of 16 or more may be sat at 2 adjacent tables. Please be aware that we are unable to guarantee which dining room a party will be seated in unless a room is hired for the night.

Because everything is prepared to order we are unable to offer more than one menu for large groups to choose from. Once a menu has been selected the whole party is to choose from that menu. Because we cook everything fresh to order tables of 15 or more are requested to choose 3 x 3 x 3 dishes in advance of the menu they wish to choose from on the night. The sole menu available for Sunday lunch is the ‘classic Sunday lunch menu’ unless previously organised.

Booking your party
Once you have read and understood the above all you need to do is complete the attached booking form and return it to us with a £5.00 per person deposit. (£10.00 for special occasion dates i.e. Christmas day, Valentines Night).

NB All deposits are non returnable non refundable. Should you wish to increase the number in your party we are unable to guarantee additional availability. Please understand that once we are fully booked we will be unable to seat any further guests.

No food or drinks may be brought onto the premises unless previously agreed. We politely request that all persons under 16 vacate the premises by 9.00pm. Regardless of the occasion it is against the law to serve an intoxicated person and none of our staff will do so. The Management reserves the right to refuse entry even if a booking has been made.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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